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How to Integrate Lightspeed POS for a Client

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This is a short how-to guide on how to enable a Lightspeed POS integration for a client.


  • Have user-role of "supervisor" or "regional supervisor".

  • Enable the setting "multi cash registers" in General Settings.

Configure integration settings for Lightspeed.

NB: You must be inside the client's account when you enable these settings. In case the options below are not visual contact the SameSystem support team (contact info at the bottom of this page).

Navigate to General Settings. Inside the General settings menu under the tab Budget & Weekly Balance enable the setting “enable POS import”. Then in the setting “POS integration service", select the POS provider in question. Once done enable "Auto confirm weekly balance" and set the "confirm days at" to 5 a.m. Click Save.

Configure POS information for each department

Navigate to departments inside SameSystem's navigation menu.

Inside the department’s menu click edit on each department that the POS Integration should be enabled for.

Inside each department’s configuration menu add the "Lightspeed POS Client ID" to the field “POS client number”. Unique Register IDs can be added to the field “POS terminal number” if multiple registers are available in each department.

Assigning POS data fields to weekly balance fields.

Navigate to Weekly balance inside SameSystems navigation menu.

Inside the Weekly Balance menu, you need to assign each POS data field to a field in the Weekly balance. This is done by clicking a specific field (ie. 5266 Gross sales), and in the field “define field type” set it to “Gross sales”. Check the field “Split into intervals (1hr)”. Click Save.

All fields provided by the POS system should be specified in the weekly balance.

The Lightspeed integration can provide the following data fields:

  • Gross Sales

  • Net Sales

  • Discounts

  • Returns

  • Transactions

  • Number of goods sold

  • Number of returned goods

  • [Optional] Visitors

Authenticate SameSystem in Lightspeed

To enable the POS integration service the client needs to navigate to their Lightspeed using this link and confirm SameSystem as a 3party integration:

Once this authentication is completed by the client please inform your SameSystem integration contact ( We will communicate back to you once the integration is fully enabled and the last setup step about importing historical data can be completed by you.

Starting the Import of data to SameSystem from Lightspeed

To start the Import of data to SameSystem from Lightspeed navigate to the Import POS menu (Frontpage --> Tools --> Import POS).

NB. Please check if you selected the right client.

Inside the Import POS menu, you define for what client, what departments, and for which period POS information should be imported. To start a client’s first import after the POS integration is enabled by your SameSystem integration contact select the departments that POS import should be defined for, define the from-date and define the until-date that sets the period historical data should be imported for. Always enable “Overwrite approved numbers”. Click Import.

Once the import is enabled the POS data will be available within 1 hour inside the weekly balance. If no data is available after this period please contact your SameSystem integration contact (

Now your POS integration is configurated and ready. Updated POS data will be imported to the client's weekly balance automatically each day at 02.00 AM CET.

Help & Support

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our Support team. Our reply time on chat is less than 5 minutes during office hours 🚀

🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

📲 App: Click More, followed by Contact support.

☎️ Phone: +45 78 70 06 59, dial 1 for support.

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