This is a short how-to guide on how to import data with the import tool. The tool can be used to import:

  • Users

  • Monthly budgets

  • Daily budgets

  • Monthly Salary budgets


  • Enable a client, department, or user to see the Import tool in the menu by using the feature flipper supervisor tool.

  • Only csv. and txt. file formats are supported

Upload file

You will find the import tool in the menu under Administration. To start an import select "create new".

In the "upload file" step start by uploading the file, then select the type of import (model type), and lastly select the column separator used in the file.

Map Fields

In the "map fields" step start by defining the file settings and import settings:

  • First row: Indicate if the first row in the file is column headlines or data.

  • Date format: Specify the date format used in the file.

  • Decimal separator: Select which decimal separator is used in the file.

  • Thousand separator: Select the thousand separator used. If no separator is used select "None".

  • Overwrite old values: Decide if existing values should be overwritten or not (not available for user imports).

The import tool will try to automatically map file columns to system fields. Map the remaining columns in the file with the system fields such as date, daily budget, department, etc.

Assign fields

In the "Assign fields" step assign the selected column from the file to the system fields. A good example is department information to actual departments in SameSystem. Irrelevant data can be skipped by clicking "skip". This will skip all rows with specific values such as the department FR0106.

Approve Import

The final step is to review and start the import. If the data displayed in the table below looks okay click "Approve" to start the import.

Once the import has finished you will be shown a success message. Should the import fail partly or completely this would be shown in an error message.

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