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Approve hours/salary
Approve hours/salary

Her får du lære hvordan du godkjenner lønnsperioden

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Now it's time to approve the month for your employees to get paid 💸

Approve the hours/salary in a few steps:

  • How to access the salary period for approvement

  • How to approve the period

How to access the salary period for approvement

⚠️ Approve all the shifts and confirm all the days in the schedule for the salary period in question ⚠️

Then, go to the Salary menu on the left side and click on Approve hours/salary:

How to approve the period?

Select the period to approve, the department(s) and check the other options then click on Show. If everything in your schedule is correct, then the button Approve will be blue. Check the overview of the worked hours of your employees in the list that will appear below and click on Approve 👍

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🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

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