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Mobile Weekly schedule
Mobile Weekly schedule

Track your department’s schedule and make data driven actions on the go: Everything you need to know about the mobile app’s weekly schedule.

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This article is intended for all users who uses schedule.

The weekly schedule enables making quick data driven decisions and changes based on clear understandable weekly schedules that provides the right information and tools while being complaint with the department, client, and country's rules and laws.

What you'll learn in this article

  • The mobile’s Weekly schedule

  • Day information

  • Weekly schedule information

  • Schedule actions

The mobile’s Weekly schedule

In the past, the Store tab showed a daily view for selected department showing daily schedule for normal employees and department summary, and daily manager approval for managers.

Now the Store tab has a new option to choose between Daily and Weekly view from the top date picker, when selecting Weekly, the date picker will change to enable the user to choose between weeks instead of days.

The weekly view will only show schedule for now, later on will show weekly department summary.

The mobile’s weekly schedule will show a grid with the 7 days of the selected week on the X axis and all the department’s employee’s including active, lend in, terminated and locked employees.

Day information

For every day of the selected week, weekly schedule will show information indicating day state if the day has a public holiday and whether it is open or closed.

For manager the day will show some indicators for if the day has special rules violations, or KPIs warnings and is able to press on the day and see the details of these indicator by opening an information popup with the relative information and the ability to jump to the daily summary for even more details.

Weekly schedule information

In order to make a data driven decision, the mobile's weekly schedule has to provide all schedule related data in a mobile friendly way showing:

  • Assigned and open shifts with start time, end time, and break duration, zone, and different shift statuses like pending and lend out shifts

  • Partial and full day absence with absence type color, absence icon, and the partial absence’s start and end time.

  • Vacations with vacation type color and vacation icon.

  • A separated section for lend in employees

  • Open shift requests section: a feature for managers showing the department's open shift requests

Employee Status: The weekly schedule will show the employee balance and status

Schedule actions

With the available data, the user is now able to take quick data driven actions, available actions vary based on user role, department settings and item status.

Employees actions on self items:

And for managers there is even more actions available on employees shifts, open shifts and absence requests:

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