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Long term planner guide
Long term planner guide


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Need to understand how to use the Long term planner in order to request vacations? Here we are ⬇️

Let's check how to:

  • Request holidays

  • Check the status of your request

  • Approve or reject a a request from an employee

💡 There is no need to have a schedule ready in advance for requesting vacations, that's why you have the Long term planner 👍

First of all, click on the Schedule menu ➡️ Long term planner to check the vacation requests page:

How to request holidays?

Click on the blue button on the top right corner Request holiday, then

choose the dates, absence type, comments if needed. The remaining balance will be displayed so you can check everything before confirming the request:

The request will be marked as Pending until the Manager approves it or not.

How to check the status of my requests?

On the right side of the calendar, you can find your requests. Here is a Pending request that you can still edit or remove if you select it:

How to approve or reject a request?

As a Manager, you have access to all the requests from your employees. You can select a request in the list as below and click on Approve or Reject:

​More questions? Get in touch with us on the chat 😊

🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

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