Rehire an employee
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It wasn't meant to be, but your employee left the company a while ago! But good news, they want to join your team again 🙌

No need to create a new profile, we create a new feature that will help you in one click to rehire your employee 😊

Let's check:

  • How to find the employee who left

  • How to rehire them ✍️

How to find the employee who left?

Go to HR ➡️ User to see the list of the employees. Click on Add filter ➡️ Status ➡️ Ended and apply:

Click on the employee to access their User card.

How to rehire your employee?

There, check the Contract section and click on the blue button Rehire employee on the top right corner:

Enter the start date and fill in the details, done ✅

​More questions? Get in touch with us on the chat 😊

🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

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