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Publish schedule for a new employee
Publish schedule for a new employee
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When you have a new employee who starts after the schedule has already been published, the schedule must be published for the employee separately. 📆👍

You publish by first clicking the blue Publish button

After clicking Publish, you will see the window in the screenshot below 👇.

How many and which months you see in this view, depends on how long your company/department's schedule is.

For example, let's assume that a new employee has been added to the schedule from December, so December must be published for the employee. To do this, click directly on where it says "2023 December" in the picture below:

After clicking on "2023 December", you will see the view in the screenshot below. Then simply click 🆗 to publish the schedule.

Good luck! 💪🤩

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🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

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