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Create a new schedule
Create a new schedule
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Play the video to see how you create a new schedule 👇📆

1. Go to Schedule > Plan new period

2. Click on New plan

Here you can create a new template or you can load a saved template.

If you have a saved template you want to use click on:
➡️ Actions

➡️ Load template

3. When you are done with the template, click on Save and then on Roll out.

Before publishing the schedule, you can still make changes to the shifts without your employees seeing it. Once you have finished editing the period, click on Publish to release the schedule and inform your employees.

Good luck! 💪🤩

How do I create a schedule?

To make a schedule, you need to start by creating a new period. Your company has chosen how long the period should be. When you click on New plan, you will see an empty template.

Option 1: Create your base schedule.

Add all the shifts. When you have finished your template, click on Save. Then click on Actions ➡️ Save as template.

Option 2: If you already have a saved template, you can upload it by clicking on Actions ➡️ Load template.

When you are done with the template and click on Roll out, the template will be rolled out to the entire period.

I have a new employee starting in the middle of a period. How do I schedule only one employee?

When an employee starts in the middle of a period, you can choose whether to add shifts directly to the schedule or to roll out a template to the employee. To roll out a template for only one person, click Actions ➡️ Plan. Select the start and end date that you want the template to be rolled out on.

Select the person. Click on Proceed

When you are done with the template, Save and click on Roll out. The template will now be rolled out between the dates you selected earlier.

❗Remember that you need to Publish the schedule for the person to see their shifts.❗ 👍

How do I publish the schedule?

If your company has chosen to publish one month at a time, you will see a list of all the months you have rolled out. To publish a month, first click on the month you want to publish.

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