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Create a User and a Contract
Create a User and a Contract
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How to add a new employee in the system? Easy-peasy 😊

In short:

Step 1: Create a new User under HR > Users by clicking on the Add user button

Step 2: Add a Contract ✍️ to complete the creation

1. How to create a User?

Click on HR > Users on the left side menu, then click on the blue button Add user on the top right corner:

Fill all the information required and confirm by clicking on Create user 👍

💡 Once the new user is created, they will stay in the system as a draft. Best way to avoid minutes to find them again, continue by creating the contract 👍

Otherwise, use the filter tool under HR > Users by choosing the status Draft to find them.

2. How to create a Contract?

Complete the creation of the User by adding a contract with a start date and a department associated ✅

Click on Create contract on the top right corner in the User Card:

💡 This message only appears when there is no contract yet for the User. Otherwise, go to Contracts and click on the Create contract blue button.

Now, you will have to fill the contract with the necessary information: Starting date, Title, Department, Work hours, Salary, etc:

Click on the Create contract blue button at the bottom to save it.

Done ✅

​More questions? Get in touch with us on the chat 😊

🖥️ Web/PC: Click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner.

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